Tristan is our Animal Flow instructor and also owner of Breathing Space. He is one of the only Level 2 Animal Flow instructors here in Brisbane and this brings a very special offering to the studio. Animal Flow is a combination of animalistic movements that from a far - looks like mix of yoga and some form of ground based capoeira but up close you can really feel the flow and dance aspects this type of movement training has to offer.

Tristan has been a personal trainer for 10 years and over that time has created TFIT Personal Training, Witness The Fitness Transformation Performance Centre, Witness The Fitness Bootcamp, Forme Fitness on James St and now Breathing Space. This collection of services has created a large community in Brisbane and has helped hundreds of people achieve amazing health and fitness goals.



Jess is a 350 hour yoga teacher, completing her yoga training with Yoga & Integrated Medicine Institute (YIMI) in 2015. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has first hand experience in the benefits of overcoming anxiety & stress through bringing greater awareness to the body, mind and breath.

Jess offers a range of vinyasa, slow flow and VinYin classes incorporating pranayama and meditation - suitable for all levels.



Sarah’s yoga journey began as a teen in the 90’s and developed into a regular practice approximately 15 years ago. Yoga spoke to Sarah on such a deep level that she was inspired to teach and gained accreditation in 2015. Her devotion to and love for the environment shines through her often-playful classes as they focus on evolving a deep sense of connection to our Earth home and community. She teaches with an intention to provide a compassionate, safe and supportive environment in which student’s can navigate through their personal boundaries to develop an innate sense of belonging. In her spare time, Sarah loves to travel, bushwalk, nurture her plants, dance, sing and play with friends.

Sarah holds a 200hr IYTA accreditation in Anusara-based Hatha Yoga and a 50hr Yin Yoga accreditation. She continues to develop her knowledge and understanding of yoga, currently undertaking a further 350hr accreditation focussing on yoga as a therapeutic physical, mental and spiritual offering.
Sarah’s offerings extend into environmental education, yoga, meditation and Ka Huna bodywork.



I fell in love with yoga in 2000. A friend suggested I try yoga and meditation after I had anxiety and panic attacks. After a few months practicing and seeing the results, I realised I wanted to teach and share. From this initial experience I’ve maintained a regular home practice of asana, pranayama and meditation for over 12 years. I have been teaching for the same amount of time. I’ve learnt a number of styles and principles from great teachers including ‘hatha’, Iyengar, Yogaphysio and yoga therapy.

I’m passionate about the benefits of a regular yoga practice on our general health and wellbeing, and for managing the stresses of modern living. Meditation is a high priority for me, and I see positive impacts every day in different aspects of my life: concentration to tasks, connecting with myself and others, mindfulness, insight, peace. My next adventure is to teach the famed MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course.

I look forward to practicing with you, having fun and exploring the path of yoga together



I have been practising Yoga on a daily basis for 23 years. The most recent seven of those years included the teaching of Yoga.

I underwent a 2 year 5500-hour training founded on the teachings of Sri T Krishnamacharya for Yoga Teacher Certification followed by an intensive 100 hour program at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Chennai India in 2010
I participated in SABDAMALA ten day program of Vedic chanting 2014 at the VINIYOGA HEALING FOUNDATION in Chennai (for personal interest not teaching).

In 2017 I studied The Yoga of Bhagavat Gita a 50 hour program at Yogavahini Chennai.



Glen came to yoga for the physical asana practice and the health benefits of weight loss and dealing with stress, particularly after being very active in sport through his childhood, teens, and twenties, before a more sedentary lifestyle took over. However, the yoga bug bit hard, and while the benefits from daily asana practice were and are life changing, it is through a daily practice of meditation and pranayama that a deep awe of the transformational power of yoga has developed with the physical benefits becoming pale in comparison to the mental and spiritual. As far as the different paths of yoga are concerned, he will guide you through a strong power yoga vinyasa, a gentle but mentally challenging yin yoga sequence, a hatha class that sits somewhere in between, or a nourishing restorative and yoga nidra chillout session while bringing through inspiration and techniques from kundalini yoga, tantra, meditation, and pranayama.

Tony - Breathing Space Team


Tony has dabbled with yoga on and off since the mid-1990s however he first began a regular practice following chronic back pain in 2009. Through yoga he realised rapid improvements in flexibility, strength and mobility.

Although his practice was initially motivated by physical gains Tony also observed a developing, calmer, and more relaxed approach to daily life. Intrigued by the physical and psychological effects of yoga Tony has continued exploring yoga, including the completion of a certified yoga teacher program with Leanne Davis and further study of yoga philosophy in Chennai, India with Saraswati Vasudevan. Tony continues his training with senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Simon Marrocco.

Kathie - Breathing Space Team


Kathie has been practicing yoga since 2008. She started at a university gym where her first teacher was well into her 80s. “Very quickly I realised there is something very special about yoga, I noticed both a mental and physical benefit to the practice”. When she teaches she likes to incorporate longer holds in her flows, giving one time to feel into their alignment. She aims to teach the importance of breath to move and align the body and calm the mind. Kathie is experience in a number of yoga styles, which she weaves into her classes to complement the needs of the students. These include ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa, and yin. Kathie also has a PhD in psychology, and has worked as a neuroscientist for 9 years. She has undergone training through the Trauma Center in Boston USA to make her yoga classes sensitive to those that have experienced emotional trauma. This means her classes are facilitated in a way that encourages the members to develop a sense of empowerment in their practice and where space for self discovery is supported. Overall, she aims to hold space as people build both mental and physical focus, and dive deeply into their own practice.



Trina first discovered yoga over 30 years ago under the tutelage of an inspiring Iyengar teacher in Brisbane. Despite a break in her practice to flirt with weight training, pilates and other sports, Trina rekindled her love of yoga and completed a 350 hour Yoga teacher training through the Yoga and Integrated Medicine Institute in 2014 with Celia Roberts. Since then, she has completed training with several internationally renowned teachers, including Jo Phee (Yin Yoga), Noah Maze (Anusara), Simon Morrocco and Jamie Denham (Iyengar), Simon Borg-Olivier (alignment-based Synergy yoga) and Elena Brower (Kundalini Yoga).

Trina’s classes focus on functional anatomy, where attention is given to alignment to deepen the experience of the asana practice (both in a yang sense of strength and endurance, and a yin sense of deep surrender and self-awareness). A magical combination!

She currently teaches in community (Brisbane City Council Active Parks program), corporate (QUT Staff Wellness Program), studio (Zen Hot Yoga and Pilates, Core Yoga studio) and physiotherapy (Ironside Sports and Physio) settings.
To develop her personal practice and teaching further, Trina will be undertaking an intensive study tour with Leanne Davis (Viniyoga) in India in December 2018, to explore the key elements of the Krishnamacharya tradition of yoga.
For me, yoga provides the ultimate tonic for life – a philosophy that blends physical, emotional and spiritual well-being into one practice that is accessible to everyone! My commitment to enriching my yoga practice is a life-long one.
"It is only so far as the teacher progresses can we help our students..." - Sri TKV Desikachar


Breathing Space
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